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Gauld & Co., Solicitors advise principally in relation to the needs of the older person and their families – particularly in the areas of Wills and estates, probate, granny flat agreements, powers of attorney and the recovery of assets for the victims of elder financial abuse.

Granny flat agreements

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We are a Victorian based legal firm but the information on this page has applicability to all States of Australia as the law is not State based.

“Granny” is a misnomer – granny flat agreements almost always involve an arrangement between parent/s and child or children.  But they can be arrangements between anyone – there is no requirement that they be limited to agreements between family members.  Granny flat agreements are arrangements where there is usually an exchange of assets for a right to accommodation and (sometimes) care, for life.  There are no age limits involved. Granny flat agreements do not have to provide accommodation within the home of a child – the accommodation can be elsewhere.

You will find on our new dedicated website (button below) information about granny flat agreements including how they are commonly used, and financial and Centrelink information.

Granny flat agreements are becoming increasingly used for two principal purposes:

  • To provide accommodation and care at home, as an alternative to residential aged care
  • As an estate planning tool – for instance, to assist children during the lives of parents (and sometimes to deliberately disinherit a wayward child)

We now have a website dedicated to granny flat agreements – the button below will take you to that site:


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We are one of the few legal firms in Australia who advise in relation to granny flat agreements on a regular basis.


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The principal, Peter Gauld, has been practising as a Melbourne solicitor for over forty years.