Elder Law

Gauld & Co., Solicitors advise principally in relation to the needs of the older person and their families – particularly in the areas of Wills and estates, probate, granny flat agreements, powers of attorney and the recovery of assets for the victims of elder financial abuse.

Online Services – Wills and powers of attorney

For standard:

Our Online Services were originally developed in response to covid, to reduce the need for office visits.  The process involved the use of online forms, and remote/online execution of documents, and other time saving technology.

This was so successful that we now commence all our standard Wills and powers of attorney using this technology.

The use of the technology has brought about affordable fees in these three areas.  See our fee schedule below.

Note that this technology only commences the process of creating the documentation you want – after this, there is the normal interaction between you the client and the solicitor.

You can read more information on the other pages of this website about this documentation, or simply call us on 03 9024 3868.


The above is all serviced by us, but also see – 

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Will for an individual $450
Husband/wife or partners “mirror image” Wills (2 documents) $550
Enduring Power of Attorney (Financial) $400
Medical power of attorney $350
Both financial and medical powers of attorney (2 documents) $550
General non-enduring power of attorney* $350
Enduring Powers of Attorney (Financial) (2 documents) $600
Medical Powers of Attorney (2 documents) $550
Enduring Power of Attorney (Financial) and Medical powers (4 documents) $700
Will and Enduring Power of Attorney (Financial) (2 documents) $550
Will and Medical Power of Attorney (2 documents) $550
Will, Enduring Power of Attorney (Financial) and Medical power (3 documents) $700
Wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney (Financial) (4 documents) $700
Wills and Medical powers of attorney (4 documents) $700
Wills, Enduring Powers of Attorney (Financial) and Medical powers of attorney (6 documents) $850

*General non-enduring powers of attorney – these are almost always used for a specific/limited purpose or limited to a defined period of time.  They do not endure (have validity) beyond incapacity.

Why Choose Us?
Dedicated practice

We are one of the few legal firms in Australia who advise in relation to granny flat agreements on a regular basis.


We make extensive use of technology to streamline document production. This significantly reduces the time we have to spend on drawing agreements.

Cost effective

Because of this experience in this area and our process efficiencies we can get matters finalised in a cost effective manner. Ask us about our fees.


The principal, Peter Gauld, has been practising as a Melbourne solicitor for over forty years.