Aged Care Placement Agencies

This firm strongly recommends the use of aged care placement agencies.

What are they?

They are firms which specialise in placing people into appropriate aged care facilities.

They have a detailed knowledge of aged care facilities in their area, and often beyond their local area, and a detailed knowledge of what form of aged care they offer. Some facilities, for example, offer specialised dementia care.

There are also often issues of cultural requirements, whether low or high care is offered, whether extra services are offered, and, importantly, whether a bond is required to be paid. There are also a range of other issues that have to be taken into account, often with little time available to make decisions.

They can also do all the paperwork involved, and negotiate the payment of the bond. It is not often appreciated that (when they are payable) accommodation bonds are always negotiable. Placement agencies are in a unique position to know what a particular facility will accept as a bond, and can invariably negotiate a lower bond than would be possible otherwise.

Placement agencies also very often have links with specialist financial advisers. Proper (specialist) financial advice is critically important especially where there is a house and/or pension involved.

Placement agencies charge a fee for their services, but this is usually money well spent not only in terms of peace of mind but also because the fee could well be recouped with the advice received and very possibly the payment of a much reduced accommodation bond.

This firm has a relationship with the placement agency called Tender Living Care in Kew and can highly recommend them –


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