Homeshare program – Wesley Mission Victoria

Wesley Mission Homeshare is a program designed to allow older people (and people with a disability), to live at home for as long as possible.

In exchange for free accommodation a person will live in the home of the older person and provide various support services. This support will differ according to the particular circumstances, but would typically involve things like shopping, gardening, cooking and other help around the house.

With this support the older person is assisted to live an independent and dignified life.

Wesley Mission checks people who wish to be “Homesharers”, and match them to the older person, the “Homeowner”. A detailed application form has to be completed. Wesley Mission draws up a legal agreement which defines the relationship, and they coordinate ongoing support and contact.

There is much more information on Wesley’s website – (and put in Homeshare in the search box).

This sort of arrangement will obviously be very good for some, and not so suitable for others. Certainly the motivation behind the program, to allow the older person to live independently, is very much in keeping with modern approaches to aged care.

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